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Sabre Springs

Community Overview

Sabre Springs lies north of Scripps Ranch, west of the City of Poway, south of Carmel Mountain Ranch. Interstate 15 is directly west of Sabre Springs, with Ted Williams Parkway running just north of the community.

Sabre Springs is home to over 10,000 residents. The rolling landscape of the area provides quiet neighborhoods and exquisite views.

The area includes two shopping centers and a business park featuring Intel, Prudential California Realty, AAA Automobile Club of Southern California, a popular fitness center, and other businesses.

The History of Sabre Springs

Native Americans once roamed the Sabre Springs area. Archaeological sites show the most recent tribe as the North Diegueño, who are likely related to the Paguay village (which is the origin of Poway).

As time progressed, several ranches emerged in the area, including Rancho de Los Peñasquitos to the west and Rancho San Bernardo to the north.

During the 1800 and 1900s, these areas were operated as cattle ranches. The majority of what is currently Sabre Springs community was owned by the family of famed swimmer Florence Chadwick, who once set the record for crossing the English Channel. Later, the land became property of the Sabre Petroleum Corporation.

Type of Housing

Residents of Sabre Springs enjoy some of the newest housing in North County San Diego. Housing options include condominiums, town houses, apartments, and single-family homes.

A flow of new developments constantly provide the area with fresh housing opportunities. Sabre Springs offers housing choices for first-time buyers to those looking for more space.

Belmont Village hosts senior citizens in a plush, assisted living environment. Amenities include an on-site salon, library, and private guestrooms.


Sabre Springs lies directly east of Interstate 15 and just south of Ted Williams Parkway. Conveniently located, the freeway systems adjacent to Sabre Springs allow access to all regions of San Diego County. The community also provides public transportation opportunities through San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and Park-and-Ride systems.


The award-winning Poway Unified School District operates in Sabre Springs. Elementary schools in the community provide a strong educational foundation for children.

Poway Unified School District has a reputation for excellence in education, among the best schools in San Diego County.


The Carmel Mountain Ranch / Sabre Springs Public Recreation Center comes equipped with indoor and outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and areas for relaxing picnics.

Sabre Springs has a number of community parks for various activities. To the south, Miramar Lake includes areas for hiking and fishing. To the west, Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve provides open space for residents to enjoy nature in San Diego.