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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: An Assessment of Their Impact on San Diego

San Diego North Chamber Releases Report "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" An Assessment of Their Impact on San Diego's Defense Economy

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Hundreds of small businesses in our region depend on this industry sector and the spending of the employees of these defense contractors and suppliers.

Because 86 percent of the region's UAV industry's economic impact is in the Rancho Bernardo and Poway area served by the San Diego North Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber commissioned the National University System Institute for Policy Research to conduct an economic assessment of the industry's impact on San Diego's defense economy.

The UAV industry has grown significantly in the San Diego region in recent years and has an enormous impact on the region's economy, including providing thousands of jobs. 

It is important for us and all of the San Diego region to understand the economic impact that goes far beyond out service area. 

The economic impact on the regions small businesses goes far beyond the UAV industry and defense sector. Our region's economic prosperity is dependent on the contractors and their suppliers remaining in our region. Likewise, there are hundreds of small businesses in our region that depend on this important sector as well.  These businesses bottom line depends on the spending of those that are employed by the defense contractors and their suppliers.

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